We welcome you to your new home, but more notably, Buckingham welcomes you with a warm, enduring embrace radiating its charm and grace. 

For us, Buckingham has been a labor of love, a dream come true.  And while such sentiments are often overused and cliché, the experience of designing and building this beautiful home has been beyond any words or expression. Many people will say building a new home is a very frustrating and difficult task.  But for us, the countless hours searching for just the right lighting fixtures, bathroom taps, or kitchen appliances was an experience we came to cherish.  This home began over dinner one evening on the backside of a napkin and we had the great fortune to work with an architect and builder that made it a reality.  Today, over eighteen years later, Buckingham continues to amaze and inspire. 


This home has contributed to some of our fondest memories, from entertaining over one hundred and fifty people for a Holiday celebration to private, sensual moments poolside with the San Francisco Bay in our sights. Buckingham has allowed a lifestyle like no other, and yet remains one of the most relaxing and warm environments to recharge.  You will soon find that Buckingham allows for grand entertaining with friends, family, and business acquaintances,  as well as more intimate dinner parties with close friends or a private, romantic dinner for just the two of you.  This home has a unique personality that creates different moods day and night, and yet will never let you forget your own point of view; nonetheless, she will envelope you in one of the most gorgeous and sought after views in the world.  We often comment to one another that when the fog lingers into the morning hours, we have been cheated out of our, what will now be your, view!  However, it can be an incredible change when the fog encases the home and it feels as though you are floating in the clouds. 


We carefully thought about the layout of Buckingham and how we would use and enjoy this home.  To our surprise, we discovered very different aspects and spaces that we never envisioned.  We have developed a love of cooking and found the kitchen easily accommodates both of us for preparing and serving magnificent dinner parties.  We have enjoyed countless hours playing cards and backgammon at the kitchen table.  The solarium is a perfect setting for evening meals as you feel you are in the garden, and of course, the view beckons your senses.  The upstairs den provides a cozy and tranquil space to curl up with a good book–we initially discounted this space because of the lack of Bay view, but we found there were times where the seclusion offered by the space was desirable. 


We had grandiose visions of pool parties with friends.  But in reality, we found a private oasis and guarded her as a mother would a newborn child.  Our evenings poolside were definitely our most cherished.  Beyond complete and total relaxation, we had wonderful conversations sitting in the Jacuzzi and enjoying a glass of champagne.  No matter how disconcerting a day may be, this oasis was our sanctuary, that place where one could dismiss all of the cares of the day. It was also where we recharged with the mystical properties of the pool, sauna, and steam and prepared for a new day. 


Our master bedroom suite serves as more than a place to lay your head.  We often retire for the evening with the last of a bottle of wine from dinner or a snifter of cognac.  And it was certainly not unusual to enjoy a dish of ice cream by city lights.  During the warmer evenings, we would sit on the master deck with the breathtaking views and Jazz or Classical music playing overhead.  On more than one occasion, we became lost in time and suddenly realized we were into the early morning hour.   


Buckingham has a way of captivating you, and you will soon learn it is difficult, if not impossible, to resist her charms.  May you enjoy this remarkable home as we have and allow her to witness and foster your point of view, habits, and aspirations!


Steven and Robert